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NPV Calculator – A simple spreadsheet to help calculate Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return of various investments. This is measured by dividing your business’s net income by your shareholder’s equity. These KPIs are particularly helpful to benchmark your company against other businesses. To follow the results of your finances so you can identify potential issues that are impacting your profitability. Regardless of your sector or industry, it’s likely that your finances department is the beating heart of your entire operation.

With a Sales Compensation Plan Excel Template, you can easily manage the different commission structures for each employee, allowing you to make the most out of your team’s performance. A special guidance document for Key Project-level Indicators was produced specifically for LIFE Strategic/Integrated projects. In addition, Strategic/Integrated projects may also benefit from the recordings of the webinar on “KPIs for Integrated Projects”, that took place on Monday, 1 March 2021. At proposal stage, applicants need to indicate the expected results of their project in terms of environmental and also socio-economic benefits. LIFE projects funded from 2014 onwards , must produce an After-LIFE Plan as a separate chapter of the final report. If the beneficiary does not have QES, the entire amendment request package shall be submitted by post or delivery services to either address shown below.

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These often become quite famous, like Vimeo’s annual report from 2013 and Mailchimp’s report from 2016. Use this downloadable Annual Marketing Budget template to plan the budget for your small business’s marketing and advertising efforts. Download this template to track your revenue and expenses so you can forecast your profits and losses for the next 12 months. Looking at your business’s financial history and ratios helps you keep tab on your company’s financial health. You can use the templates below as a starting point to create your startup business plan or map out how you will expand your existing business. Then meet with aSCORE mentor to get expert business planning advice and feedback on your business plan.

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This professional-looking business annual report template features a geometric design throughout the template with images, content blocks and vector icons, plus a cool blue color scheme. Download this financial projections template to calculate your small business expenses, sales forecast, cash flow, income statement, break-even analysis & more. That means easy access to all company’s finances using a single and easy-to-understand dashboard.

Finally, the total amount of interest and taxes are subtracted from the EBIT, resulting in the final net profit of the business. By doing these simple calculations you can quickly see how profitable your company is and if your costs and income are being managed properly. As a business, you need the reliability of frequent financial reports to gain a better grasp of the status of your finances, both current and future. The monthly financial report template Excel, which you can download for free, can help you improve your personal and family financial planning.

By defining the mission and audience, you will know how to formulate the information that you need to present, and how complex the jargon will be. Create a draft of the most important statements you want to make and don’t rush with this step. Take your time, the numbers, charts, and presentations come later. The revenue loss can also come from discounts or sales, for example.

Other statistics in the report include social media follower metrics and numbers related to different church ministries. Nonprofit organization Neighborhood House went all out for its 2021 annual report. After a letter from the president and board chair , the company uses a pie chart and other 3D, color-coded graphics to sum up its fiscal year. Warby Parker’s 2021 annual report has an eye-catching cover page featuring two models wearing Warby Parker frames on a blue background. The annual report graphics layout is simple but striking, pleasing the eye before going into the pages of numbers.

Another consideration when it comes to balance sheets is to always compare them to other similar businesses, as they will vary depending on the industry. By using a Capitalization Table Excel Template, entrepreneurs can easily assess the financial position of their business and make decisions that are informed by the current financial structure. It’s also a great way to keep track of events that could potentially affect their company’s value, such as a major acquisition or the release of new products.

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The Gradient DominationFall in love with the gradient element that characterizes this annual report. This template, like many others, has a variety of practical and important elements such as tables, charts, and photo placeholders. Corporate Annual Report DesignSpread across twenty pages, each designed with great attention to detail, this template is flawless.

  • Your company’s branding needs to be reflected in every single visual it creates, from a social media graphic to a presentation to an annual report.
  • This Excel template enables businesses to quickly forecast the size of their workforce based on demand projections for the upcoming fiscal period.
  • You can find plenty of the best annual report designs on Envato Elements.

An operating budget Excel template is an easy-to-use spreadsheet that helps you create a detailed plan for managing your business finances. It outlines expected income, expenses, and savings over a period of time. This type of budgeting tool allows you to analyze your current financial position and plan for the future. With the help of a template, it’s easier to identify areas for improvement and make changes to reduce costs or increase revenue. After you download this cool annual report design template, you’ll never want to see another free report template again.

As a result, your overall efficiency will become flawless, and you’re likely to enjoy healthy growth in your year-on-year profits. You can also use Excel to build more complex financial models that help with forecasting, decision-making, investment analysis, and more. Whatever your financial goals, Excel provides the templates and tools to help you achieve them.

Use the bright colors to highlight essential information, and Visme’s timeless fonts to convey your data in a professional way. This 3-in-1 statement includes your company’s balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement. This template is also super helpful in managing ‌corporate audits.

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The format outlined in this article is a good starting point for individuals who are new to using personal financial statements to record their personal finances. A good annual report design is clean and professional, like this beautiful and versatile design, available now! It’s as simple as downloading the annual report layout, opening it up in the applicable software, and making your edits! With Envato Elements, you also have the luxury of downloading many annual report templates and companion assets. So, you can experiment, test, and combine to your heart’s content.

Whether it’s a home or business budget, tracking stocks and investments, or managing payments and invoices—using a spreadsheet can help you keep it all organized. Google Sheets is a particularly great tool to use thanks to its range of analytical capabilities. However, if you are not a spreadsheet expert or you don’t know where to start, it can be hard to design a data structure that makes sense.

Marq makes it easy to create any digital or print design you need. Choose from hundreds of professional templates and use our simple drag-and-drop tools to get your message out to your audience. With smart branding, you can set your colors and logo once and create consistent, on-brand designs across your entire team. Collect all the information and content you’ll need to include in the annual report layout. You’ll have to create a working folder where all files are kept and organized.

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Spreadsheets Read about all the functions and features of your favorite spreadsheet softwares. She’s been working with the Adobe family of software for over fifteen years, and she has extensively written on design, illustration, business, and more. Legibility refers to whether the words themselves are easy for the viewer to read.

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Doing so is easier than ever with an annual report template from Envato Elements. Financial Statements are often Audited by Government Agencies, accountants, Firms, etc. to ensure their accuracy & for tax, Financing, and Investing purposes. Financial Statements are integral to ensuring accurate & honest accounting for businesses and individuals alike. Given below are three sample templates for financial reports that are commonly used in organizations, companies, firms, banks, and other financial institutions. For someone—that is not yourself— to design an annual report, you have several choices.

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IMF calls for audit of Nepali banks to check quality of loans.

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Users have to manually input their and expenses in the Services or Goods tab . You can then calculate your total percentage from total goods/services sold vs. operating expenses. The Income statement template by Sheetgo is a ready-to-use, spreadsheet-based template in Google Sheets. This template is made up of 3 spreadsheets; Income Inputs, Expenditure Inputs, and the Automated Income Statement master sheet. Let’s take a look at the benefits of using a template in your spreadsheets to keep track of your finances. Whether you present to partners, investors, employees, stakeholders, or other interested parties, sharing your company information can seem daunting.

For example, you can schedule your unit cost definition statement report on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis and send it to the selected recipients automatically. Moreover, you can share your dashboard or select certain viewers that have access only to the filters you have assigned. Finally, an embedded option will enable you to customize your dashboards and reports within your own application and white label based on your branding requirements. You can learn more about this point in our article where we explain in detail the usage and benefits of professional white label BI and embedded analytics. Automation plays a vital role in today’s creation of company financial reports. We will see a simple financial report sample created with automation in mind below in our article.


Use Visme’s Dynamic Fields to quickly update data across all the pages of your reports and multiple projects. Use this annual report template to create a report for your business. This simple annual report template includes instructional text to assist you in building a good report. When it comes to financial statements, there are loads of examples worth exploring — fortunately, it’s easy to find pre-tailored templates for all of these statements too.

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