an investigator commits type ii error when he/she: Code of Business Conduct and Ethics


The most heinous crime one can commit is to frame an innocent individual for something that will make him pay a cost for which he is not even liable. The interrogators, officers, detectives in the process of targeting and framing an innocent are themselves falling inside the pit of filth and squalor. It is horribly bewildering to witness that the ones who should be protecting are setting the traps for their convenience and pleasure. The real criminal is still on the loose, discharging his crimes, while a weak, moral, and righteous individual is dying behind the bars, both literally and metaphorically. In the global context, it appears that developed countries have a well-established legal structure and guidelines to prevent false confessions, but there is much room for improvement when it comes to developing or underdeveloped countries, especially those in the African and South-Asian subcontinents. Limiting the number of days in detention and requiring the accused to undergo medical examination minimises the likelihood of false confessions, and such approaches have proven to be effective in the Indian context.

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It is necessary to realise that when we are evaluating two teams a non-vital result doesn’t mean that we’ve proved the 2 samples come from the same population – it simply implies that we’ve failed to prove that they don’t come from the inhabitants. When planning research it’s useful to consider what differences are more likely to come up between the two teams, or what would be clinically worthwhile; for instance, what do we anticipate to be the improved profit from a brand new remedy in a medical trial? This results in a examine speculation , which is a difference we want to demonstrate. Because the chance of making a Type I error is equal to the level of significance chosen by the investigator, decreasing the extent of significance will reduce the possibilities of making this sort of error.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

This limited amnesty does not preclude the University from pursuing educational measures, including discussion of the drug or alcohol offense regarding the risks and consequences of such activity. In Set – I are indicated the personality theorists while in Set – II are set forth the concepts specially advocated by them. The government wants to determine the impact of the rise in petrol price on the household budget of a particular locality.


Credibility determinations may not be based on a person’s status as a Complainant, Respondent, or witness. Witnesses may be interviewed remotely by phone, video conferencing, or similar technologies if the investigators determine that timeliness or efficiency dictate a need for remote interviewing. Witnesses may also provide written statements in lieu of interviews, if deemed appropriate by the investigator, though this approach is not ideal. Witnesses who are faculty, students or staff of the University are expected to cooperate with and participate in the University’s investigation and resolution process. Failure of a witness to cooperate with and/or participate in the investigation or resolution process constitutes a violation of this Policy and may be subject to discipline.

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The Title IX Coordinator coordinates Saint Peter’s compliance with Title IX and other applicable laws prohibiting sex and gender-based harassment, discrimination and retaliation. Explain the procedure for selecting a random sample of 3 students out of 10 in your class by using random number tables. You want to do a research on the popularity of Vegetable Atta Noodles among children.

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The most common cause for sort II errors is that the study is too small. Much of statistical principle revolves around the minimization of one or each of these errors, though the entire elimination of either is a statistical impossibility for non-deterministic algorithms. By selecting a low threshold (reduce-off) worth and modifying the alpha degree, the quality of the hypothesis check may be elevated. The Type I error rate is sort of all the time set at .05 or at .01, the latter being more conservative since it requires stronger proof to reject the null speculation on the .01 degree then at the .05 stage.

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Under no circumstances will the parties be required to submit to an in resolution process or otherwise waive their right to an investigation and adjudication of the Formal Complaint as described below. Any parties choosing to submit to an informal resolution process have the right to withdraw from the process and resume the Grievance Process up until the time that an agreed-upon resolution is reached. In some instances, the Notice of Formal Complaint will advise the parties of the right to submit to a voluntary informal resolution process (i.e., mediation). The informal resolution process is only available in cases where the Formal Complaint alleges misconduct as between a non-student employee and another non-student employee, or between a student and another student.

Do not forward customer or other business information and documents to personal email IDs . When sending personal and business confidential information across borders or to third parties, make sure that such transmissions are for legitimate business reasons and that they comply with local law. Protect the confidentiality of personal and business information of current and former customers, as well as job applicants, business partners and customers.


For this, a representative sample of 30 households has to be taken and studied. The names of all 300 households of that area are written on paper and mixed, then 30 names to be interviewed are selected one by one. • You have to collect information from a person, who lives in a remote village of India. The disadvantage of this method is access to people, as many people may not own telephones. The above question about what a student wants do after college is an open-ended question.

(i) Misclassification error

The method of identifying the sample should be such that generalisation from the, sample to the original population is feasible., 7. The plan must also contain the methods to be used in processing the data. Statistical and, other methods to be used must be indicated in the plan. This part of the plan may be reviewed by experts in the, field, for they can often suggest changes that result in substantial saving of time and effort., 8. Time and cost budgets for the research, project should also be prepared and laid down in the plan itself. Thus, the consumer should always assess the influence of type I and type II errors on their choice based on the results of a check and determine the appropriate level of statistical significance.


Retaliation is, in addition to the underlying conduct about which a Complainant has complained, grounds for disciplinary action. Anyone who experiences conduct that they believe to be retaliation, should immediately report it to the Title IX Coordinator. • In a random sampling, every individual is given an equal chance of being selected for providing information.

Only share personal information with other employees or external agencies who have a legitimate need to know and take steps to ensure that they understand the importance of properly handling the data you share with them. Take adequate precautions to safeguard personal information when collecting, processing, storing and transferring it. All employees and contractors are accountable for protecting personal information and for handling it securely. If an employee retains competitor information, this can result in legal action by the competitor. You must promptly report this to the Legal & Compliance Department for appropriate action, which could include collecting lists and destroying them or returning them to the competitor.

What happens when Type 2 error increases?

A Type II error is when we fail to reject a false null hypothesis. Higher values of α make it easier to reject the null hypothesis, so choosing higher values for α can reduce the probability of a Type II error.

Any time limits set forth in these procedures may be extended by the Title IX Coordinator, Decision-Maker or Appeal Officer for good cause shown. All materials used to train Title IX Coordinators, Investigators, Decision-Makers, and other persons who facilitate the Grievance Process, Appeals, or the informal resolution process. If the Notice of Appeal is not timely filed or is not based on the grounds listed below, the Responsibility Determination shall stand and be considered final. At the Live Hearing, only the parties’ advisors may ask the other party and any witnesses questions and follow-up questions. If a party or witness does not submit to cross-examination at the Live Hearing, the Decision-Maker must not rely on any statement of that party or witness in reaching a Responsibility Determination. Further, the Decision-Maker cannot draw an inference about the Responsibility Determination based solely on a party’s or witness’s absence from the Live Hearing or refusal to answer cross-examination or other questions.

Business Law

If the “Complainant” is unknown or is not a member of the University community, the Title IX Coordinator will make reasonable efforts to identify the Complainant for purposes of identifying appropriate campus and local resources and “Supportive Measures”, such as those described in this Policy. This may include, when criminal behavior is alleged, contacting local or campus law enforcement if the individual would like to file a police report. In addition, the University may take other actions as appropriate to protect the Complainant from such third parties, such as barring them from University property and/or events. There is a certain bias involved in the non-random selection of samples. • Sample is a smaller group selected from the population from which the relevant information would be sought. • Survey can be done by personal interviews, mailing questionnaires and telephone interviews.

  • Unflinching commitment to Values continues to remain at the core of Wipro.
  • However, it increases the possibility that a false null speculation is not going to be rejected, thus lowering energy.
  • Fear of retaliation should not be a barrier to reporting incidents of sexual harassment or discrimination, or to the making of any good faith complaints whatsoever.
  • The subject who is wary, uncooperative, unresponsive, and gives broad condemnations and eligible responses are as well thought to be misleading and hence guilty.
  • The procedures described below are provided for the prompt and equitable resolution of Formal Complaints, and are applicable regardless of whether the Complainant is a student or employee.

If you have experienced physical or an investigator commits type ii error when he/she violence, it is important to get care as soon as possible. Even if you feel okay, you may be injured or at risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection or becoming pregnant. If you were sexually assaulted within the past 72 hours, you should strongly consider having physical forensic evidence collected at the time of your medical examination. The right to forego the Grievance Process and participate in an informal resolution process.

Why is type 2 error worse?

On the other hand, a Type II error occurs when the alternative hypothesis is true and we do not reject the null hypothesis. In such a way our test incorrectly provides evidence against the alternative hypothesis. Thus a Type II error can be thought of as a “false negative” test result.

The Investigative Report will be sent to each party and their advisor, if any, at least ten business days prior to the date of the Live Hearing, for their review and written response. However, it shall be understood that some investigations may take longer, depending on the nature, extent, and complexity of the allegations, availability of witnesses, police involvement, etc. The Investigator will make a good faith effort to complete investigations as promptly as circumstances permit and will communicate regularly with the parties to update them on the progress and timing of the investigation, as appropriate. Where available, the informal resolution process may be initiated at any time before a Responsibility Determination is reached. The informal resolution process can only be initiated upon the parties’ voluntary, written consent.

In the early 1990s, a methodology known as the “investigative interview” was implemented in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is regarded as a world pioneer in ethical interviewing. In the United Kingdom, testimony is of high quality, and criminals are treated fairly rather than harshly. Threats or force, collectively known as coercion, are specifically prohibited in the United Kingdom. Over time, the UK has greatly strengthened its interviewing techniques, placing a greater emphasis on gathering facts rather than obtaining a confession. Furthermore, recording the interview has been made obligatory in order to protect the suspect’s interests.

Wipro offers equality of opportunity to all employees and does not engage in or support discrimination in hiring, compensation, access to training, promotion, termination or retirement based on ethnic and national origin, race, caste, religion, disability, age, gender or sexual or political orientation. Sending such jokes violates our values as well as our policies pertaining to the use of email and our standards on diversity, harassment and discrimination. By doing nothing you are condoning discrimination and tolerating beliefs that can seriously erode the team environment that we have all worked to create. Make employment-related judgments based solely on performance and abilities. Co-operate with any measures introduced to develop equal opportunities.

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